Thursday, February 9, 2017

Artstic Statement

Niamh C. McDade
photography 2

        Starting out in photography, I had already had a huge interest in it; it allows for any moment to be beautiful and/or real, so being able to capture those moments has been a big interest of mine ever since I was young. My sister used to take 'model' photos of me just because she loved to dress my up and make my pose, and I think that that really started off my love for photography. She had created a 365 album, where she took a picture a day for a year and I thought it was just the best idea. A few years ago, I attempted one but only made it to day 52 before I lost the motivation to keep the project going. But having my parents get me a little standard point and shoot camera for that year was a really great way to help me start off on the art. Having seen my mum and sister use their high end cameras though was something I thought was really cool. At track meets I would take my mum's camera and sit on the field taking pictures of the runners in between my races. It wasn't until my 16th birthday when my parents finally bought me my very own Nikon camera. 
      Since getting my camera and having a semester of Photo 1 under my belt, I think it has been generally easier to come up with photo ideas and pictures. I have been able to visually see things differently, whether it be seeing angles differently or recognizing a really great moment that can be captured. Having a great camera has also allowed my to play with differently lighting, filters, etc. to really create the best photos. Photo 2 this semester has really forced and motivated me to continue taking pictures. Originally, I was planning on taking Astronomy instead of photography but I couldn't be happier that I was able to continue on with this class. I think that with having another semester of photography has improved my photography skills and photo-editing/shopping greatly.


     My goals this semester were just to create the best photos I could possibly take. Having it being my junior year, it has been slightly difficult to reach my full artistic abilities I feel like though. I try to bring my camera wherever I go (especially because I am attempting again to complete a 2017 365 project (so far so good!)) so that I can try to take photos anytime it deems appropriate to do so. I really wanted for every project to be better than the last; some were successful where others fell a little short. Overall I am proud of my photos, though I think that some aspects of my life disallowed for more time to take photos (H.W. & school, extracurriculars, sports, friends, and family taking up almost all of my time!), for what I could do with my photos, I am happy with my work. 
    Some of the projects that are posted on my blog that weren't asked for in the project list, were results of just having my camera places and snapping pictures. A lifetime goal is to stick to always including and improving my photography skills, so my miscellaneous projects keep me motivated to continue with photos even outside of class. Did I meet my goals? To an extent, yes, definitely. Do I think I can always improve to reach my goals to their fullest potentials? Yes, always.


     I want people, when they see my work, to judge for themselves the meaning or beauty behind each photo. Some of my photos were pretty straight forward, but I'd want for people to appreciate the beauty within them. I never want to caption my photos because i don't want to give an opinion on my photos, rather for the observer to do that for themselves.
     If someone were to be looking at my work, I'd hope for them to learn that I have really enjoy photography and really want to try my hardest to create the best photos. I'd want them to think that I have a lot of potential to be good photographer and appreciate what work i've done as a high school student. I would want them to learn that I like specific ways to edit each project and my projects in general. I'd hope that they learn that I love to take pictures of people, nature, close-up, and basically everything within each project I have posted. 

Forward Thinking:

     If I had a chance to change anything about this semester's work, I would start with allowing more time as well as spending more time on each project. I'd also try to spend more time editing each photo to the way I want it to look, as well as actually also spending less time in photoshop so that I could allow for more photos to be posted within the class period. I would have liked to re-edit and/or change some portions of my projects as well. 
    A goal I'd like to set for the future is to self-assign my own projects and stick to them to keep myself taking photos. I'm afraid of ending this semester and losing the time and motivation to take photos all the time, but I know that making sure I keep up-to-date with my 365 project as well posting to my blog after the semester will guarantee my love for photography to continue on!

Thank you for a wonderfully fun and photography filled semester!